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Display your business, your talents, even your homemade baskets on the Web!

     Just starting out & don't have a lot of cash? Me too, let's help each other. Show your potential to the world. I am a freelance web designer. Let me build  and Host a web site for you at low cost of $200  plus $12.95 a year for your domain name and $25 month for updates & maintenance. You will get a standard 5 page web site ($20 per extra page) an email account with your domain name. You can add video, & if you have a pay pal account I can add a shopping cart to your web site as well. How cool is that?

     I can show you a demo, or preview of what your web site would look like, and if you like what you see. I will send you an invoice for half the amount. In 3-4 days I will complete your website, then the balance will be due. Then you will have your very own web site.  My prices are low because I am just starting out & I know you are too. This does not mean you will receive inferior work or service. My level of commitment is high, if I cannot do what you ask, I will flat out tell you. No gimmicks, No games, just straight forward service for your hard earned money. It's as simple as that. If you are interested, contact me above & leave a message, or fill out the contact form. I will then send you a start-up sheet questionnaire about what your website is about, color scheme, themes, etc. Then I will draft up the "demo site" for you to check out & if you like what you see we move forward. If not, I delete the "demo site", and you have a wonderful day. No muss, No fuss. It's as easy as that. So you made it this far, let's get your web site STARTED! Call me now!!